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Spark Cassandra Stress

datastax/spark-cassandra-stress (23)
Languages:Spark, CQL
License:Apache 2.0

Spark Cassandra Stress

A tool for testing the DataStax Spark Cassandra Connector against both Apache Cassandra (TM) and DataStax Enterprise (DSE) with either bundled libraries from DSE, Maven, or the connector built from source!


This project is built using Gradle and can be built in three exciting ways:

  1. Using the Connector and Spark libraries installed by DataStax Enterprise
  2. Using libraries downloaded from maven
  3. Using libraries assembled fresh from your local Spark Cassandra Connector Repository

The jar can be built using

./gradlew jar -Pagainst=[type]

Where type is one of dse,maven or source

DSE Options

DSE libraries are located by looking for the installation of DSE on your machine. Change environment variables DSE_HOME and DSE_RESOURCES if your installation differs from the default.



Maven Options

When getting libraries from Maven we need to specify the Connector version and Spark Version libraries to compile against. Change environment variables CONNECTOR_VERSION and SPARK_VERSION to the artifacts you would like to use.



Source Options

Gradle will attempt to clean and build the assembly jar for the Spark Connector looking for the repository in environment variable SPARKCC_HOME. This will build whatever commit the connector is currently at.




There are many options which can be used to configure your run of Spark Cassandra Stress but the two main invocations are either using dse spark-submit or spark-submit.

See the script for examples or use it to launch the program.

./ [dse|apache] --help

Will bring up the built in help.

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