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License:Apache 2.0

Native protocol layer compatible with Apache Cassandra®

A set of Java types representing the frames and messages of the Apache Cassandra® native protocol, with the associated serialization and deserialization logic (this is a third-party implementation, not related to the Apache Cassandra project). It is used by Datastax Java driver 4 and Simulacron.

Native protocol versions 3 and above are supported.


The code is agnostic about the underlying binary representation: start by implementing a PrimitiveCodec for your target type B (which could be ByteBuffer, Netty's ByteBuf, byte[], etc.)

You may also implement a Compressor<B> (it can be Compressor.none() if you're not going to compress frames).

Finally, build a FrameCodec<B> that will allow you to encode and decode frames. Frame.defaultClient and Frame.defaultServer give you the default sets of codecs for the protocol versions that are currently supported; alternatively, you can use the constructor to register an arbitrary set of codecs.

Frame, Message, and Message subclasses are immutable, but for efficiency they don't make defensive copies of their fields. If these fields are mutable (for example collections), they shouldn't be modified after creating a message instance.

The code makes very few assumptions about how the messages will be used. Data is often represented in the most simple way. For example, ProtocolConstants uses simple constants to represent the protocol codes; client code can (and probably should) wrap them in more type-safe structures (such as enums) before exposing them to higher-level layers.

Well-formed inputs are expected; if you pass an inconsistent Frame (ex: protocol v3 with a custom payload), an IllegalArgumentException will be thrown.


We follow semantic versioning. In addition, the minor (second) number matches the highest stable protocol version supported. The next beta version might also be partially supported. Examples:

  • 1.4.0: supports up to protocol v4, and possibly some features of v5 beta.
  • 1.4.1: bugfixes and/or new v5 beta features.
  • 1.5.0: v5 stable.

All the types in this project are considered low-level and intended for framework developers, not end users. We'll try to preserve binary compatibility (in particular for Frame and Message implementations), but we reserve the right to introduce breaking changes at any time.


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