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DataStax Apache Kafka Connector

An Apache Kafka® sink for transferring events/messages from Kafka topics to Apache Cassandra®, DataStax Astra or DataStax Enterprise (DSE).


To download and install this connector please follow the procedure detailed here.


All documentation is available online here.

Building from the sources

If you want to develop and test the connector you need to build the jar from sources. To do so please follow those steps:

  1. First build the uber-jar:

    mvn clean package

  2. Open the Connect worker config file config/ Update the plugin search path to include the uber-jar:


  3. Edit the dist/conf/ config file in this project to meet your needs, or copy it out and edit elsewhere. The edited file should be named
  4. Run connect-standalone and specify the path to the that config file:

    config/ /

  5. In Confluent, you would do this:

    bin/confluent load cassandra-sink -d /

Mapping specification

To see practical examples and usages of mapping, see:

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