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DSE Metric Reporter Dashboards

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DSE Metrics Collector Dashboards

This repository contains preconfigured Grafana dashboards that integrate with DSE Metrics Collector. Use DSE Metrics Collector to export DSE metrics to a monitoring tool like Prometheus, and then visualize DSE metrics in the Grafana dashboards.

Use Docker and modify the provided Prometheus configuration file, or manually export DSE metrics to an existing Prometheus server. Although the examples in the linked documentation use Prometheus as the monitoring tool, you can export the aggregated metrics to other tools like Graphite and Splunk.


By default, Prometheus is configured to retain 15 days' worth of data only. To avoid unexpected loss of data metrics, adjust the default rentention period. To keep a history of your metrics data beyond the default setting, you must add the --storage.tsdb.retention= flag to the docker-compose.yml file at the Prometheus runtime command line.

Getting started

Clone this repository and then follow the instructions in the DataStax documentation based on your implementation:

Generation of the tg_dse.json file

In some cases, such as using a big cluster, the tg_dse.json file could be generated by one of the auxiliary scripts located in the extras directory. These scripts are examples, and do not handle every configuration, such as authentication:

  • this script uses the nodetool command to extract a list of servers in the cluster, and generate a service discovery file. Run this script on a single nodes in the cluster. The script accepts the following parameters:

    • Name of file to which the data will be written (Required)
    • Port number (Optional, defaults to 9103)
  • this script uses the DSE Python driver to fetch cluster metadata, and generate a service discovery file. The script accepts the following parameters:

    • Contact point that is used to connect to cluster (Required)
    • Name of file to which the data will be written (Required)
    • Port number (Optional, defaults to 9103)

These scripts can also be used for periodic refresh of the tg_dse.json file to reflect changes in the cluster's topology.


The code, examples, and snippets provided in this repository are not "Supported Software" under any DataStax subscriptions or other agreements.

Slack - #dse-metric-collector


Please refer to LICENSE file.


The following screenshots illustrate the preconfigured dashboards in this repository.

DSE Cluster Condensed

DSE Cluster Condensed

DSE System & Node Metrics

DSE System and Node Metrics

DSE Cluster Latest

DSE Cluster Latest

Prometheus Statistics

Prometheus Statistics

Kubernetes Support

Check out the k8s-build directory for a guide on using this project along with Kubernetes.

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