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Cassandra Operator

sky-uk/cassandra-operator (18)
Languages:CQL, Java

Cassandra Operator

The Cassandra Operator is a Kubernetes operator that manages Cassandra clusters inside Kubernetes.

The project is alpha status and can be used in development environments. It is not yet recommended for use in production environments.

Main features

  • rack awareness
  • scaling out (more racks, more pods per rack)
  • scheduled backups with retention policy
  • periodic cluster definition reconciliation
  • lighweight nodetool status equivalent probes
  • works with official Cassandra Docker images
  • deployable per namespace with RBAC permissions limited to it
  • deployable cluster-wide
  • customisable Cassandra config (cassandra.yaml, jvm.options, extra libs)
  • customisable liveness / readiness probes
  • automated rolling update of Cassandra cluster definition changes
  • interruption of in-progress reconciliations when newer changes are detected
  • cluster and node level metrics
  • a comprehensive e2e test suite

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